About Me

Helping others is my passion. But I didn’t realize how empty I’d feel when I retired to be a present mom to my two girls. My daughters are my pride and joy, but I needed something for myself. Something that utilized my skills and passions in a way that allowed me to still be home with my family.

I had done Network Marketing before — cringy messages, constant hustle, chasing dollars and sales. No thanks. The reality was that I wanted a community of uplifting people who were supportive, positive, and loved helping the people around them.

At first, I thought maybe I should work for a non-profit, but I didn’t want to sacrifice my time at home with my family. I wanted extra money, but didn’t want a regular part-time or full-time job. Nor did I want someone telling me what my value was with a salary.

Believe it or not, I circled back to Network Marketing. But this time, with the RIGHT company and the RIGHT values that aligned with who I was. No more cringy calls or all-day hustle.

Above all, I love being able to help those around me in a way that really matters. Now I want to help others achieve this same goal!

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